Watch David and David at Work

When David and I visited Glenfarclas distillery this past May, I took a bunch of video footage that I never posted on the blog.  There was a reason I chose not to share it - it wasn't really very interesting.  I thought that I might edit together a fun little travelogue about visiting the Speyside distilleries, but it didn't really pan out the way I thought.  Our jobs simply sound more interesting than they actually are on video. While it's great to go spelunking in the deep caverns of Highland warehouses, it can be very arduous and time consuming.  There are so many barrels at Glenfarclas that I remember laughing from fatigue at one point, wondering how we were going to choose one cask when there were tens of thousands to taste!  Ultimately, we found two incredible whiskies that I talk about in the previous post below.  They're two of the best whiskies we've ever brought back from Scotland, bar none, but they weren't easy to find.  We had George Grant and his assistant armed with about fifty pages of computer printout taking us through the mines.  If you're up for six minutes of whisky reality TV, then by all means click on the above video. However, I can't promise you it will be as romantic and glitzy as I make it sound in the tasting notes.  There's a reason why no one has a successful Barrel Hunter program on Bravo yet.  Nevertheless, since we just released our two new casks of Glenfarclas for pre-order, I thought I'd reveal the fact that we did search long and hard for these amazing malts.  They did not come easy and we're very proud that we're getting them.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll