New Gin (for this weekend?)

Royal Dock Navy Strength Gin $27.99 - More than any one distillery, more than any single producer, I'm completely obsessed with the products of Haus Alpenz – the small import company headed by Eric Seed, who you might call "the Kermit Lynch of the spirits world." He has a knack for traveling the globe, finding great regional spirits, and getting them back to the U.S. with fantastic packaging.  Dolin vermouth, Smith & Cross rum, Cocchi Americano – those are all from Haus Alpenz, along with many other unique and exciting products.  Eric has now introduced a new high-proof gin to the lineup.  Made by Hayman Distillers, the same company behind the Old Tom Gin we carry, this 57% London dry style gin is just what the doctor ordered for your gin and tonic, or any other cocktail where water is added, diluting the flavor of the spirit itself.  The massive proof cuts through those bubbles and keeps the gin itself at the center of focus.  Herbacious and full of bright juniper notes, this is a welcome addition to our shelf because of the value.  Most of the other "navy strength" gins are in the $40+ zone, but the Royal Dock comes in at a cool $27.99.  What a deal! I'm taking a bottle home with me tonight!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll