Some Fun New Items

A few new things showed up today that I'm pretty jazzed about.  Number one would be the limited edition Ardbeg 10 gift backs that come with a free mini of the Uigeadail.  The price is the same, but we cannot ship them, so these are for in-store customers only.  At the current moment, we only have them in Redwood City, but if you want to pick one up in San Francisco or Hollywood then send me an email and I can put one on order for you.

I am very excited about this little guy. I've been trying to track down a few extra bottles of Biancosarti, the white Campari of Italy, but getting them from the motherland hasn't been possible.  No need, however, because the French have begun exporting their answer to it: the Aveze Amere Sauvage Liqueur.  It comes in a liter bottle, it's $26.99, and it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaay closer to Campari than things like Gran Classico (which I like very much, but I'm tired of everyone telling me it's a Campari substitute - it isn't).  There's less sweetness to the Aveze than the GC and it tastes very much like gentian, which is the main flavor component.  The bitter is more pronounced, but the weight and sweetness level are about the same as Campari.  Can't wait to try it in a Negroni later this evening.

Then there's this little sleeper made by Combier, the Loire Valley producer behind the famous orange liqueur.  Their new lineup of fruit liqueurs is impressive, but the Pamplemousse is going to be a permanent mainstay here at K&L (NOTE: the above photo is a 200ml bottle, but we have the 750ml).  It's f-ing deeeeeeeelicious.  Juicy grapefruit goodness with a touch of sweetness to balance it out.  At 16% alcohol, it's great right out of the bottle, but it will work well with a splash of soda or wonderfully in gin and tequila cocktails.  I can't wait to play around with it.  There aren't enough grapefruit products out there.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll