Last Call to Join the Gang

Tomorrow is the last day for all you domestic producers to enter this year's Good Food Awards competition.  So far we've received ninety entries from all over the country, much more than we were planning on!  I know there are still a few people on the fence, so check out the above photo for an idea of who else has already signed on.  Competition is going to be stiff this year, which is why winning would be an even bigger accomplishment!  If you are a distiller and you source your base materials responsibly from eco-friendly farms, then we need to hear from you!  Enter this year's Good Food Awards by visiting the website and filling out the form.  We don't need the samples yet, just a commitment to the cause!

I'm counting on tasting some good booze come October.  Hopefully your product is among the final entrants.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll