Super Secret

There's a small group of K&L customers that meets every now and then in the NorCal area to taste booze and be merry.  These meetings are usually very hush hush, but this time we've got a little room to grow.  On Thursday Sept 20th, we'll be having a meeting at Donato's in Redwood City.  I was told by Donato today that we can use their larger backroom instead of the smaller room we usually use, so we can accommodate thirty people more than usual.  Therefore, I'm opening up the Super Secret group to anyone in the area who wants to come until we reach the 60 person limit.  We could use some new blood and I'd like to see some fresh faces.  Thursday's event will feature a group of cool dudes drinking single malt, as well as Master Distiller Ian MacMillian from Bunnahabhain, Tobermorey, and Deanston.  He'll be bringing the entire line up from each distillery, including the old and rare ones.  We'll be hanging out and drinking them. 

Donato will be doing a multi-coursed menu as well that will run each person $60 including gratuity. Rather than us split the food there, I'm having everyone register via the website and we'll handle the check.

The meeting begins at 7 PM.  It's super secret.  It will be super fun.  These are very laid back events that end up being quite memorable.  I hope a few more of you will want to join us.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll