Smooth Ambler's John Little

I have a feeling John Little and I are going to have some fun together over the next year.  His new Old Scout label has taken off here at K&L (can you say 500 bottles sold in four days?), he's got a new seven year old rye that we plan on bringing into stock tomorrow, and he's just a good guy that I want to hang out with. We'd never met in person until today, but our conversation ranged from whiskey, to professional wrestling, to the similarities between politics and booze. If he didn't have more appointments scheduled we probably would have kept talking for hours. 

I really like John's outlook on his Smooth Ambler distillery and where he imagines taking it. He's not a fan of white whiskey (he makes it because people ask for it, but he plans on discontinuing it soon), and he's getting a serious handle on the blending side. We're exploring a Faultline option already, as the few samples he had with him today were outstanding. I think if you listen to him talk about his products, you'll get an idea of what he's about.  He talks grain, quarter casks, and getting out of the white whiskey business.  It's a very interesting discussion. Watch him take us through the line up:

David Driscoll