New Aberlour 12 - NCF, Higher Proof

We've long felt that the Aberlour 12 year was one of the great deals in single malt at $35.99.  Now, Aberlour has stepped it up a bit by releasing their double-matured (like Balvenie, but not advertised as such) malt in a higher proof (48%), non chill-filtered edition.  The difference is remarkable.  It's so much better that I want to forget the normal Aberlour exists.  The fruit pops more, the richness is spicier, and the finish is longer.  I love high proof whisky that isn't cask strength and this is now a new favorite. Lots of sherry, lots of fruit Newton cookie, lots of goodness going on here - including the price.  Add this one to your bar, you won't be sorry. 

Aberlour 12 Year Old Non Chillfiltered Single Malt Whisky $49.99

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll