What Ever Happened to....

Dear David,

I remember you once saying something about ________ in your blog and/or email newsletter. Is that still happening?

Ah yes. Mr. Othenin-Girard and I sometimes get so excited about a new project that we can't wait until it actually shows up to tell the public. We have to let everyone know right away! Then problems arise. The wheels turn slowly. Deliveries are missed. Connections are crossed. Months and months later, we've almost completely forgotten about what was once big news. Here's an update on all those vague K&L booze plans we had at one point.

K&L Exclusive Karuizawa Casks - These are on my desk as we speak. We secured these barrels almost a year ago. Getting them past the U.S. government has been a nightmare however. The importer has been asked questions like, "What was the original proof when the whisky first came off the still?" Really? The government needs to know these things? They'll get here eventually, but it's slow going. We still plan on being the first (and only?) store to offer Karuizawa in the U.S.

K&L Exclusive 11 Year Old Single Barrel Tequila - Yes, this is still coming. Jake Lustig and I are working on a label and the barrel has been selected. We decided to go with a 1999 vintage tequila that really showcased what more than a decade of slow-aging can do for the spirit. We still plan on being the first retailer (ever?) to offer a single barrel tequila of this maturity. Eventually.

K&L Exclusive Royal Lochnagar - This is still happening, but we're working on importation. No, this is not via Diageo. Ha! "Via Diageo," as if there were such a thing!

Faultline Bourbon - Labels are done. Booze is ready to go. Just need government approval and we're on our way. We're looking at a marriage of two different LDI whiskies to create our own unique small batch whiskey. It will be here. Eventually.

K&L Exclusive Glendronach 19 year, Benriach 27 year, Glen Garioch 14 year? Should all be ready on Monday!

Am I forgetting anything else? 

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll