Vacation (kind of)

I'll be in the Redwood City store today, but then I'm outta here for a week. Here are some things you'll need to know in the meantime:

- Wednesday night tastings start back up next week. We'll have St. George in the SF store pouring their Aqua Perfecta fruit brandies - pear, cherry, and raspberry. Not that they were ever anything less than wonderful, these products are better than they've ever been. We retasted the pear at this year's Good Food Awards and it was jaw-dropping. Colorado's Peach Street Distillery will be in Redwood City. They've got two new gins, done the old bathtub way, and one of them comes in a liter bottle at 55%. I quite like it in a high-octane Negroni. They'll also have their Peach Street Bourbon on hand, which I have yet to taste, but have heard good things about. You won't want to miss this.

- I'm expecting delivery of three new Four Roses casks at any time. Keep an eye out for those. If they land while I'm gone I will try to post from the road. They're all so good I know they'll sell through quickly, especially because people want new Bourbon like nothing else (and there is nothing else this good, believe me).

- Starting today, we'll be able to store booze in our main warehouse, which marks a huge victory for David and myself. We've purchased a new license (thanks to the upswing in booze sales) so those of you who ship will be able to get your bottles much faster. Normally they have to be transfered to the shipping department via one of our three retail outlets, but that will soon be phased out. Exciting times! Straight from the shelf, into a box, to your front door!

- I talked with LVMH yesterday and they said to expect the new Glenmorangie Ealanta at some point within the next few weeks. This will be a 19 year old release aged in heavily charred American white oak. I've tasted it. It's fantastic. Exactly what you expect. This should run around $125-ish. Don't quote me yet.

Enjoy your week. I might post something before next Saturday. I might not. We'll see how it goes!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll