I want to first thank everyone who came out to Bar Agricole for our little party last night. We had about 70+ people in the house and the event went very smoothly. Thanks to all the K&L customers who tasted, said hello, and talked with Kyle and me about the brandies. I really appreciated the turnout and the positive things everyone had to say about the spirits. It's great to know that we're making some headway with these bottles and that others besides ourselves are gravitating towards these selections.

It's always tough to be your own hype man because no one ever believes what you say. Why would they? Of course David likes it. He's the one selling it. When you get the confirmation from people, especially from discerning customers who know their booze, it always makes us feel great. Here are some of the nice things I've received via email lately from our wonderful clientele:

About the new K&L Signatory Laphroaig cask:

Just got my shipment today. Did a side by side with my 1990 Signatory Laphroaig 19 year. Yours blows it away! Both are Signatory cask strength, yours however had a bigger mouthfeel and texture and it far more interesting with intense lemon custard. Once again, I thank you! My 19 year was $180.

About the new Faultline Bourbon:

Well done on this. Opened up a bottle for dinner last night with several friends. The Faultline was the favorite of all but one of us (and second place for her) over recent NAS Black Maple Hill, Four Roses small batch, and last year's K&L Rock Hill Farms barrel.  I give the edge to the RHF on the nose, but none of those come close to the Faultline on the finish.

About the new Fuenteseca Tequila:

This stuff is outstanding. I'm writing you now more than 5 minutes after my last sip and I can still taste everything. The finish is long and flavorful, not sweet and woody.  I could write more, but I need to go pour myself another dram. I have already put two more bottles on my wait list. You have hit it out of the park with this tequila blend. Kudos to you.

There's also a great new review from Kevin at the Tequila Tourist, who gives a very straightforward and accurate account from an unbiased third-party.

About the new 1979 Faultline Blended Whisky:

The Faultline 32-year blend was amazing.  Drank it on Sunday.   I need another bottle.  How close are you to selling it out?

Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences with us. It's nerve-racking sometimes to tell people about how excited you are for your own spirits releases because everyone always assumes you're in it for the money and sales. I'm in it for the feedback, however. I'm a feedback junkie. Thanks to all of you for feeding my habit and believing in what we're doing out here.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll