Phase 1 Completed

Pre-arrivals are being processed for our five Exclusive Malt casks as we speak. Orders are in the system. Bottles will be headed to San Francisco, Redwood City, and Hollywood as early as tomorrow morning -- both for pick-up and for in-store sales. These are going to be hot!

I'll be headed over to the warehouse tomorrow to start processing the K&L Exclusive Fuenteseca Tequila pre-orders. Almost everything we have is already spoken for, but the good news is that I talked to Enrique Fonseca and Jake Lustig this week and we've got enough tequila to make a second batch. Hot damn!

Signatory is delivering their six casks on Tuesday and we'll do the same thing with those malts next week. That will be phase two.

Get ready!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll