New Machir Bay Arrives

I held off on bringing in the new 2013 edition of Machir Bay (a slightly older marriage) earlier this Fall because I didn't want to have it confused with the boatload of 2012 Machir Bay I had in the warehouse. The Machir Bay is one of my favorite single malt whiskies period and I knew that having two identical looking bottles would be problematic. Now that we're finally out of the 2012, I was excited to bring in the new batch and (if you live locally) you can get it now with two extra Glencairn glasses for no extra charge. (NOTE: WE CANNOT SHIP THESE SO THEY ARE FOR IN-STORE PURCHASES ONLY) If you're a fan of the 2012 edition you won't be disappointed with the new vintage. More smoke, perhaps a bit less richness, but it's pretty much the same deal. I'm excited to have this beautiful looking gift package on the shelf for the holidays. It's a great present for any whisky lover and it looks very stylish and classy, unlike other cheesy packaging with that terrible glossy plastic and cheap cardboard. Well done Kilchoman.

And since Val from JVS (Kilchoman's importer) was here to taste us on the new vintage, he finally brought his famous Russian-made, pleated pants that he actually tailored himself – by hand! Back in the 1980s Val worked a lot of different jobs in the former Soviet Union and sewing was one of them. I didn't believe him, but he finally brought me hard evidence.

He's got another 3,500 pairs still sitting in a warehouse near Moldova if any one's interested.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll