More Best-Price-in-USA Shit

Glenmorangie 18 year old is, to me, the perfect single malt whisky for the holiday shopping season. Why? Let me explain:

- It's universally pleasing. It's not the most complex whisky. It's not the most interesting whisky. It's just plain good and everyone seems to like it. It tastes expensive and elegant. It's easy to understand, yet better than what you can usually get. It's like baby bear's porridge: just right.

- It comes in a fancy box, making it perfect for holiday gifts and attractive to people who care about aesthetics. I can just hand it to people who don't know anything about Scotch and they're happy with the presentation immediately. Plus, they're getting a very good whisky.

- It's under $100 (way under $100 at K&L), which makes it something nice, yet within reason.

- Glenmorangie is a recognizable brand that still has insider street cred. People who are less familiar with whisky know of the name, but it's nowhere near the ridiculously bloated price tag of something like Macallan.

- There's a lot of it available so I don't have to tell everyone about how we have it, then apologize to everyone about how we've sold out already.

Take those five facets and then slap on an $84.99 price tag and you've got one great whisky at one hot price. The lowest price actually.

If you're a whisky consumer, then have at it! We've got plenty of bottles on hand if you need one. If you're one of the many retailers who read the blog to find out about all our hot deals, then use it to complain to the vendors about how we're receiving special treatment, then go get your box of Kleenex and start crying. It won't get you anywhere. There's no special treatment here, just a store dedicated to supporting its friends, and vice versa. That's how it should be. Take a stance on a product you believe in and make something happen.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll