More New Faces

A few more new faces to show you today. David OG sent out a notice about these yesterday, so I thought I'd get some cool photos up on the blog to help get the word out. I'll use David's notes since they're already typed up and well-written:

Bigallet Viriana China China Amer $37.99 - Well, I've only been waiting my entire life for this product to arrive. This is truly the quintessential bitter French liqueur. They start with high quality neutral spirit. Both bitter and sweet orange peels are macerated in the be spirit before being distilled. Then they do it again. Wait, then they do it one more time. Then they add more peels, spices, botanicals, etc. A small amount of sugar is used to balance the bitter and stabilize the color. This is the Franco-phonic answer to Amaro and it is so so good. Truly a special treat for anyone smart enough to include this in their shopping list. It can also be used as a substitute for bitter liqueurs in various cocktails, vermouth and amaro alike. Enjoy! (David OG)

Giffard Pamplemouse Rose Liqueur $26.99 - Giffard is one of France's highest quality liqueur producers. They're sourcing the highest quality fruits and spices for their liqueurs and have committed to using local ingredients where ever possible. Because Giffard liqueurs are truly designed specifically for use in cocktails, the aromatic profile is the most important aspect of this product. While the flavor on the palate is excellent, the depth of flavor on the nose is second to none. This is definitely your best bet when utilizing a liqueur in a cocktail. The grapefruit is snappy, tart, and fresh. Incredible.

Giffard Peche de Vigne Liqueur $26.99 - Soft fruited and pure in flavor. Lovely.

Giffard Violette Liqueur $26.99 - The violette is a deep, brooding, stark violet color and the flavors are delicate yet concentrated, without getting soapy. Lovely.

And if you want to hang this little guy on your Xmas tree this year, then check back with me later today. We're taking a large chunk of Anchor's newest, very, very limited product. Last year the San Francisco legend had a bit of the Christmas Ale left over and they weren't sure what to do with it. I'm a huge fan of the Christmas ale. My dad and I have been drinking it for more than a decade. Now it's been distilled into a bottle. Y-U-M.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll