New Cadenhead Creations Arrives

You can tell things are getting intense when we have three blog posts in one day before lunch time. If you read that last post about the demand for new “small batch” single malt (i.e. the Balvenie Tun 1401), then you can see where the market is headed. Personally, I’m on board with this new trend. After working on the Fuenteseca tequila blend, I’m more convinced than ever that great whisky can be the result of numerous whiskies. What’s necessary, however, are the specs – what’s in the blend that makes it so special? Don’t leave us in the dark!! Mark Watt over at Cadenhead in Campbeltown is sitting on a serious treasure trove of old casks. Cadenhead has always had the goods. They just needed someone to start utilizing them. The last few products we’ve received have been outstanding (Highland Park 21, Bowmore 14, Cameronbridge 24, Caperdonich 35, etc) and this new blend is no different.

Cadenhead's 20 Year Old "Creations" Batch #1 Blended Scotch Whisky $99.99 -- The first release of Mark Watt's highly-anticipated small batch blend has arrived -- a twenty year old, sherry-aged marriage of Bruichladdich and Mortlach single malts with the grain whiskies of Cameronbridge and Invergordon. The rich malty notes come instantly in the nose and burnt sugar and sherry spices are decadent on the first sip. The bits of toasted marshmallow and marzipan linger long on the finish. The grain component is definitely palatable, so the overall experience isn't as supple as sherry-aged single malt would be, but the blending talent of Watt is on full display. It's a seamless blend that really highlights the strengths of each whisky. There's not much available, but we're taking everything we can get. Cadenhead's resources have yet to be fully tapped, in our opinion.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll