Beams of Sunshine

Every single time I meet with my Jim Beam rep I tell him, over and over again, that Beam is really missing out by not releasing anything old or unique in this insatiable Bourbon market. Heaven Hill has the Parker's Heritage Collection, Four Roses has the LE releases, Wild Turkey is starting to release single barrels, and Buffalo Trace has the Antique Collection. Hell, even Brown-Forman has the Birthday Bourbon. What does Beam have? Beam, the largest producer of Bourbon in the country, pumping out 3,000 barrels worth a day -- why not add something new to the mix? 

I got to taste these yesterday and I thought they were nice additions to the portfoilo. The single barrel won't be available until January, but we've got the new 12 year and the Spanish Brandy in stock now. While these won't "wow" consumers the way that the Parker's or Stagg might, these are also much more reasonably priced. Beam has such a large consumer base that I think anything too radical might really shake things up, therefore we get something safe, but tasty nevertheless.

Jim Beam 12 Year Old Signature Craft Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey $31.99 -- The richness and creaminess of the Beam style is on full display here, finishing with a hint of bitter herbaceousness that really characterizes Beam's whiskies. Gentle and round through the mid-palate, this is one easy, easy sipper that showcases a bit more maturity than Beam's standard releases.

Jim Beam Spanish Brandy Finished Signature Craft Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey $31.99 -- To be clear, this whiskey is not Spanish Brandy cask finished, but literally brandy finished -- as in they actually added some brandy into the whiskey. There's no real hint of sherry or any flavor outside the scope of Bourbon here, but the whiskey is quite mellow and soft -- almost like a Tennessee whiskey such as Dickel. Those looking for easy sipping will be pleased.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll