Morning News and Notes

I woke up this morning, logged in, checked our whisky inventory, and realized that we're already sold out of our Ardbeg and Laphroaig casks from Sovereign. Wow, those went fast. These were small casks (only about 130-140 bottles in each), so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, but thank you to those of you who bought one (or three). I can't tell you how much it helps us to project what we can handle inventory-wise by offering pre-sale items. It's only because of you guys who trust us enough to buy in advance that we're even able to get casks like 21 year old Ardbeg or older casks of Karuizawa. Many thanks again. We really appreciate all the support and your faith in what we're doing out here.

For those of you asking about St. George's new spiced pear liqueur I'm expecting this to hit the shelves tomorrow. Keep your eyes peeled!

The Tapatio Excelencia tequila has finally arrived stateside--Carlos Camarena's oldest and richest agave expression. It's very round and butterscotchy with hints of pepper and spice. I think Don Julio 1942 fans will dig it. Demand must have been pent up because people came in asking for it as soon as it arrived--and we hadn't told anyone we were getting it.

I gave a few samples out of the new Faultline Bowmore and Royal Lochnagar, thinking the Bowmore would be the clear winner, but many people came back loving the Lochnager (at least according to the emails I read this morning). I was beginning to think the appreciation of lighter, leaner, more fruit-driven whiskies was beginning to fade, but apparently there are still enough people out there drinking them to justify finding more casks like this.

Another new product that showed up last week, for you Cognac drinkers, is a new nondescript brandy from Maison Surrenne (Germain Robin guys) simply called "Cognac." It tastes like a big, fruity, expressive Borderies Cognac and has all the candied orange peel and sweet caramel you can handle, but without ever going over the top. At $44.99 it's one of our least-expensive offerings and a total bargain.

I'm off to get some Xmas shopping done and enjoy the day. Stay calm and collected out there. Only ten more days and we can all relax.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll