It's Back, But Not For Long

I'm not even going to say anything. I'm just going to post Greg St. Clair's review because he says it all. Greg is our Italian wine buyer, known for having one of the best palates in the business. He does not drink spirits. He certainly doesn't drink tequila. Yet, this is what he had to say about our new Fuenteseca, as posted in his staff review on the product page:

This is something new, something that you may not be ready for, I wasn't. I've tasted a lot of high end Tequila and I've always liked Jimmy Buffet and Sammy Hagar as singers or Justin Timberlake as an actor, but I've never been enchanted with the smell of new oak unless it is in a piece of furniture and I've heard people use the word smooth so many times that I think they must have been raised on Jello or have no teeth. Tequila for me has always lacked that one extra…je ne sais quoi… that great Cognac, Armagnac and Single Malt whisky seem to have in their back pockets, but after tasting this Tequila it is obvious what they’ve been missing.... age. This unbelievably delicious spirit has taken Tequila to a new level, this is creating a new category of spirits that hasn’t existed before…..and it is worth the price.

We had enough to make an extra 240 bottles. They're here now (or in route to one of our retail outlets)

They won't be here after this time next week.

Fuenteseca K&L Exclusive Extra Anejo Tequila $189.99

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll