What Excites You About Drinking?

Every time I get excited about a new spirit I've tasted, I can't help but link that experience to the overall culture from where the product is from. I have total ADD with my focus, as well. That's part of the fun when you drink spirits from all over the world. It's the classic Stuff White People Like #20. I'll get so excited about drinking the new Bruichladdich that I'll immediately want to drive out to Pescadero, sit on the beach, and pretend it's the cold, grey water of the Atlantic washing up on the shores of the outer Hebrides. I'll want to eat a plate of haggis while sipping a pint in an old pub. I'll want to watch Sean Connery movies and listen to the Cocteau Twins and research my family's ancestry in Motherwell. Until I taste a new tequila, that is.

Suddenly, I'm no longer Scottish. I'm actually Mexican (by default since I married into the family). I want to watch telanovelas (Amores Verdaderos) and make carnítas and listen to Julieta Venegas. I want to walk down to Chavez Market and joke with the guys I see for lunch everyday. I want to recap old Chavo del 8 episodes with my co-worker Jorge. I love tequila and I love Mexican culture! When are we going to Guadalajara? What's that? Try what? That new Cognac that Nic Palazzi just imported?

Oh shit! That's delicious! Borderies, you say? What are these tacos doing here? I never said I wanted tacos! I want a baguette, some cheese, a glass of red Burgundy and some old Edith Piaf in the background. Let's watch an old Godard movie - Le Femme est une Femme. I love Anna Karina even though she's Danish. Did you know my old film professor worked with Godard? Here have some more Cognac. Let's get a ticket to Paris! We can make it! It's far, but we can totally get there and back before we have to work on Monday. Come on! Try what? Rum? I thought we were drinking Cognac?

Paris is way too cold this time of year. I need to be on the beach, man! I need a tropical drink and a beer chaser. Rum is amazing. It's so affordable and has such a fascinating history! I don't know what I was thinking wasting all that time with stuffy French culture. It's so uptight! I just want to lay back and have fun, man. Put on some reggae and let's dance!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll