Woolly Whisky

It begins again!!! After announcing to Committee members a few weeks ago, Ardbeg has just "publicly" announced the existence of this year’s Ardbeg Day release. In the process they have also announced that Ardbeg Day 2013 will be known instead as ArdBOG day. I guess they've been doing some excavation at Ardbeg and perhaps they've found something extinct? Hard to say what exactly this will be, but anything with a badass looking Mammoth and a T-Rex skull on the box has got to be special right. Not only are they calling it Ardbog day, but the whisky is also being referred to as the Ardbog! Hopefully, there will be some sensible correlation between this name and the bottling, because if they are simply saying, "Hey, it's peaty. Let's call it Ardbog," I will be forced to refer to Ardbeg as Ardbog forever more. The unfortunate consequences of over marketing? Perhaps, but let's hope they've done something interesting either way. I know everybody will be asking about this stuff and we'll update you as we get more information. Until June 1st, however, we've still got Galileo (not sure how or why that's still around) and our incredible prices on the distillery's standard offerings. Looking forward to the greatest day on (peaty) earth Mr. Head, but we'll miss you this year on Islay! No whisky for sale there, unless you've got a special cask saved for us.

-David Othenin-Girard

David Othenin-Girard