Karuizawa Labels Approved - Presales Imminent

What a day! We've got a new Pope and we've got TTB label approval for our Karuizawa casks. After more than a year of back-and-forth, up-and-down, yes-and-no, in-and-out emails between Japan, us, the UK, and our friends at JVS, this deal for two barrels of Karuizawa has finally come to a conclusion.

We're approved for U.S. importation!!!!!!!

I'm a fan of Pope Francis already. I believe he must have prayed for us.

Now that we know these are coming we can begin pre-arrival ordering shortly. We're waiting for our final pricing from JVS and Number One Drinks, but we should have that wrapped up within the next few hours. After that, these babies will be live.

We're talking about two separate casks: a 1999 vintage and 1981 vintage that are both sherry butts. Pricing will be released shortly along with quantities. THESE WILL GO FAST.

Without a doubt these are the most sought-after, most requested, hottest whiskies on the planet (outside of Pappy Van Winkle). Getting them was a big deal. Owning a bottle will be a bigger one. No other American retailer has ever sold Karuizawa. The distillery is closed. The whisky is drying up.

These casks are simply amazing. Get ready. Coming soon.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll