Karuizawa For Sale

Anyone want one of these? We're getting some. I've heard they're pretty popular, but what do I know?

1999 Karuizawa Single Barrel Cask Strength Japanese Single Malt Whisky PRE-ORDER (w/Noh label) $144.99 - Karuizawa Whisky is the holy grail of Japanese Single Malt. It has never before been released in the United States. K&L is incredibly lucky to offer you the first two casks to ever be imported. Not only are we the first to ever sell this whisky in the United States, but we've managed to do so well below international prices.  Here we have a single cask distilled in 1999 and from a first fill sherry butt. The color is dark mahogany. The nose is the wonderful savory sherry thing that you sometimes get. Extremely rare and extremely delicious. It's as if you've poured a demi-glace over a pile of dried fruit. On the side, you've got a really delicious espresso that's just been served. What a symphony of flavors! I'm shocked at how balanced this is at cask strength. The palate is fully of sandalwood and spice. With water this thing goes a whole new direction. Citrus peel, earthy clay, tar, and some of that wonderful kind of camphor smoke (not all sulfury flavors are unpleasant). The finish is dry and long. The exotic wood is back in full force with subtle hints of fennel and fresh soil. I'm just embarrassed by how delicious this whisky is. There's simply too much going on to post full notes here, but know that this whisky simply brings it. (David Othenin-Girard)

1981 Karuizawa Single Barrel Cask Strength Japanese Single Malt Whisky PRE-ORDER (w/NOH label) $389.99 - This legendary distillery has never been available in the United States before. We've worked tirelessly over the past three years to introduce this incredible whisky to our customers. Karuizawa Distillery, located in the Japanese Alps, has not produced any whisky since the early 2000s. Production first began in 1956 and was used exclusively for blending until the late 80s when Single Malt Whisky began to gain notoriety in Japan and worldwide. They've become renowned for the use of incredibly powerful sherry casks. These whiskies are like no other in the world, but will satisfy even the most demanding Single Malt aficionado. The 1981 is considered a rockstar vintage for Karuizawa and has resulted in some very high scoring whisky. This cask is no less impressive than others I've tasted from the vintage. Powerful aromas of coasted coffee, struck match, moss, dried tropical fruit and exotic wood. The high proof does mask some of flavor initially, but the tiniest drop of water brings out an incredible array of flavors. Any sulfur disappears and is replaced by just more of everything else. The tropical fruit really comes to the front, but this time it's fresh mango peel covered in spices, clove, nutmeg, allspice. A seemingly endless list of flavors appear on the palate. It's just incredible hot little heat this gives off at this incredible proof. Needless to say, this is going to be a bench mark whisky for K&L and the whisky community as a whole. (David Othenin-Girard)

Remember that these will not be in stock until late Summer. You are pre-ordering so when you get the email that your card has been charged it does not mean that your order is ready. We will send you a letter in a few months after the whiskey has arrived. Thanks!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll