Understanding Pre-Arrivals @ K&L

I wanted to write a quick blurb so that everyone who has purchased their own bottle of Karuizawa understands how the process works. I'm assuming we're getting a lot first-time customers with these bottles and the pre-arrival process isn't always clear. We always assume everyone purchasing at K&L has been doing business with us for years, but that isn't always the case. Here are some quick things to remember when purchasing on pre-arrival with us:

- The pre-arrival process was designed for our Bordeaux futures program, so we use the same structure.

- You pay for the product up front which reserves your bottle(s) in advance. The order is then closed and you are sent a confirmation email that says your order is complete. This does not mean that your order is ready to be picked up or shipped.

- When the product shows up we will send you a letter in the mail. The system is NOT set up to notify you by email.

- Because we don't want to ship you your booze without your prior knowledge, K&L will hold the product in our San Carlos warehouse until you notify us and tell us what you want to do (either ship or pick up at the store). There is a way to have your profile default to "in-store pick up," but you can't do that yourself online. You'll have to call us up to make that happen, or send me an email.

- When you order a pre-arrival online your selection of shipping will not carry over. You may have selected "2-day FedEx," but we just delete that and change the status to "pre-arrival." Again, you'll have to contact us later when the product arrives to schedule shipping.

- Because I know that none of you want to wait any longer than necessary to schedule your shipments, I will post here on the blog when the bottles arrive and are ready, therefore you won't have to wait for your snail mail letters to arrive.

I think that covers it. If you have a question please let me know. Thanks!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll