Karuizawa Sold Out

I wasn't at work yesterday, so I didn't watch the numbers tick by as more and more customers responded to our big email, but I knew the Karuizawa bottles must have sold out around 5 PM because that's when the "waitlist" questions began pounding my inbox.

When an item sells out at K&L, the "add to cart" option is replaced with "add to waitlist." The waitlist is actually a very useful thing because it will notify you via email when the product you're looking for comes back into stock. It does not, however, reserve or guarantee you a bottle. In the case of the Karuizawa, these won't be coming back into stock because we only had limited amounts to sell, so the waitlist isn't going to be of much help. I had to break that news to a number of customers who thought by adding to the waitlist they had reserved their bottle, but that was not what had happened.

If you didn't get a bottle of Karuizawa there is still a chance. We don't put every bottle of booze on sale via pre-arrival just in case something happens – a bottle breaks, something is mis-sold, or a mistake is made. We need back-ups in case this happens. However, I won't know if there are any extra bottles until we're all done processing pre-orders which may be late August. If you still want one then please check back with us at that time.

What a crazy day yesterday was! I'm sorry I was at home missing it!

-David Driscoll

UPDATE: I just checked and saw that there are a number of CC declines in the queue, so the waitlist may inform you of a few bottles that go back into stock as a result. Stay vigilant!

David Driscoll