Rum Country

Tomorrow the K&L Spirits Team will make its first trip to rum country in the hopes of expanding the limited selection of sugar cane distillates in our stores. Of course, we will be reporting live from the road. I'll be in Miami tomorrow for a solo trip to the Calle Ocho, then we're off to Barbados on Monday morning. I've got some high-SPF sunblock, my swimsuit, a copy of Hemingway's Islands in the Stream, and a positive mental outlook. This is a quick trip – a whirlwind of travel for three nights before we're back at the counter ringing up orders. We'll be testing the waters (figuratively business-wise and literally once we're on the beach) to see if K&L can create a third direct component to complement our whisky and brandy programs. Are there great barrels sitting at Mount Gay Distillery for the taking? If there are you know we're going to sniff them out.

Is there business to be done beyond Barbados? Can we get Demerara Distillers in Guyana to open their doors as well? What about Ron Abuelo in Panama? Hopefully we'll know more within the next few days. Stay with us as we document the entire trip here on the K&L Spirits Blog.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll