Travel Itinerary

I'm headed to the airport in a few minutes where I will board a British Airways jet headed towards London. I will get some dinner. Maybe watch a movie or two. Try to sleep for a few hours. Then meet David OG in the Heathrow terminal at around 11 AM Thursday morning (4 AM PST). We'll grab a quick sandwich from Pret a Manger, have a shot of espresso, then board the plane to Edinburgh. Upon landing in Scotland we'll grab our bags, get our rental car, then hit the road north towards Pitlochry. There will be no time to get our bearings in Edinburgh. We've got no business in town this year. We'll push on, without a full night's sleep giving us the energy we need, and pull into Edradour distillery in the early evening where we'll meet with Des at the Signatory warehouse. After a few hours of tasting, what I'm sure will be a nice dinner, we'll do our best to keep our eyes open, fighting the urge to sleep right there on the table, and head to our hotel where we'll finally get a chance to get some Z's. 

I think this year's trip might just break us. 

We'll cruise through the Highlands over the weekend. Head back down to Glasgow on Monday. Take the ferry out to Arran mid-week. Hit the Lowlands for a few appointments. Then get back to Edinburgh where we'll catch a flight south to Paris, changing there for Bordeaux. Charles Neal will meet us at the airport and we'll head over to Cognac straight off. After a day of appointments we'll move down to Armagnac for Easter, then back north to Normandy for some Calvados hunting. After that we're on to Paris for the day, then on a train to London where we'll meet up with John Glaser and Compass Box, along with a few other bottlers. 

Finally, after more than two weeks of sleeping in a different place every night, we'll get back on the plane to California.

Stay tuned. We'll be posting as frequently as possible.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll