Scotland 2013 - Day 3 - Glenmorangie House

Along the coast of the North Sea lies the Glenmorangie house – a country estate purchased by the company in 1985. No one outside of Glenmorangie was allowed in the house however until 1998 when it was opened to the public. A flurry of guests flocked to the beautiful grounds and it became a major tourist attraction. The house is built on the site of an old farming castle and abbey. The castle walls to the left have been here since 1376.

A road from the house leads down to the beach where a Pictish stone still stands. The Picts lived in this part of Scotland from the 5th century until the 8th century when they completely disappeared. They were known as the painted people and were a matriarchal society – making time to create beautiful jewelry and bracelets. They were also quite fierce.

The Picts where known as the painted people because they wore mostly paint instead of heavy clothing. I'm not sure how the Picts lived here without enormous furs because we about froze ourselves solid on the walk down to the shore.

The dark, cold waters of the North Sea. Can you imagine Viking invaders landing here?

There's not much else around the area. We're quite isolated here.

Despite the wind and cold, we pressed on with long-standing country tradition, much like we've all enjoyed on Downton Abbey. Falconry! We sent these birds of prey in search of small game. I've got a great photo of an owl eating a mouse, but that's for a later date. We're off to the distillery after lunch.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll