¡¡¡El Salón VUELVE!!! Cinco de Mayo Fiesta in San Mateo

OK - so we're having a Cinco de Mayo party on the 7th of May. Big deal! The Salon is back and we're once again dedicated to bringing you the finest spirits from the finest producers in an environment that focuses on fun and socialization, rather than stodgy structure. This is something I've wanted to do for a long time and we're finally making it happen. Jesus Padilla from Los Osuna, the Sinaloan distillery making high-quality agave azul (technically not tequila since it's not from Jalisco) and my friends from El Sinaloense restaurant in San Mateo are going to team up for one night only to bring you a Sinaloan soiree!

For $35 per person (only 50 spots available) we'll be treating K&L customers to a fantastic buffet with fresh ceviche, shrimp fajitas, sizzling steak and chicken, rice, beans, vegetables, and the best house-made flour tortillas in the Bay Area. At that price you're pretty much drinking for free. El Sinaloense (featured on the spirits blog here) has been cooking up fresh Sinaloan cuisine for years in an unassuming part of San Mateo. My wife and I eat here at least once a week if not more often. When Jesus said he wanted to do a Sinaloan spirits tasting I knew there could be only one venue for it. In addition to the wonderful food we'll be mixing up Palomas (tequila and Squirt) and treating you to a flight of the Los Osuna blanco, reposado, and añejo expressions. You'll get a cocktail, three full pours, and more food than you can handle as well as some good company. Jesus and I will be there to answer any questions and provide information, but there will be no formal tasting or education session. Just music, food, drinks, and a good time out. Reserve your spot for May 7th below. I'm probably going to buy ten tickets just for K&L staff members, so don't wait too long if you want to join us!

LA FIESTA DEL SALÓN @ EL SINALOENSE CON LOS OSUNA - 7 DEL MAYO - 7:00 PM - $35 - El Salòn vuelve! Acompañenos para comer comida Sinaloense y tomar bebidas alcoholicas con sus amigos de Los Osuna! We've been working with Los Osuna "tequilas" (technically from Sinaloa, so they can't call their spirits "tequila") since the very beginning, being one of their first retail accounts in the United States. For more than three years their importer Jesus Padilla has been busting his behind, spreading the word of these amazing spirits and his hard work is paying off as the brand continues to build a devout following. In celebration of Cinco del Mayo, and our newly-formed relationship with one of the best Mexican restaurants on the Peninsula, El Sinaloense, it only made sense to throw a gigantic party combining the best Sinaloan cuisine and Sinaloan spirits together. On Tuesday May 7th we'll have room for fifty K&L customers to join us in the back room of San Mateo's El Sinaloense to feast on fresh ceviche, steaming fajitas, the best house-made flour tortillas around, and a flight of Los Osuna's blanco, reposado, and añejo spirits. Attendees will also get a Paloma cocktail to start (a simple mix of tequila with Squirt). Don't miss this chance to celebrate with your friends from K&L, Los Osuna, El Sinaloense, and the Salon. There will be no formal tasting schedule, just a big party with lots of delicious food and drink. Viva El Salòn! (NOTE: there are no paper tickets for this event - your name will be on a list)

EL Sinaloense is also conveniently located right next to the Hayward Park Caltrain stop!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll