Top Value K&L Brandy Back in Stock

We just had a boat hit the Oakland port last week and upon that container was a gigantic drop of 2000 Domaine d'Ognoas Bas Armagnac $55.99 - the single most successful brandy we've yet offered from our French spirits direct import porgram. We've sold more than three hundred bottles of this super value over the past year because customers have taken a chance on this unknown and found it to be exactly as advertised. At 30% Folle Blanche and 70% Ugni Blanc, this Armagnac offers rich, raisiny fruit with spice and power simultaneously. Made at a small co-op distillery, it's a label we've had a tough time keeping in stock. Never to fear, however, beacuse we just brought in another 500 bottles. That should last us through the summer. For sipping, for rocks drinking, or even mixing a high-end Sidecar, there's nothing on this level for this price. If you're looking to discover Armagnac or even want to distinguish it from Cognac, this is a great starting point. No one would ever mistake the Ognoas for soft, vanilla-laden Cognac. I can't imagine anyone not liking it either.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll