New K&L Single Cask of Clynelish

This is a fun one that we picked out from the Morrisons a while back. It showed up while we were gone, so there wasn't much time to hype it. If you like the Clynelish 14 year old, then this is a slightly older, single barrel, cask strength version of that flavor. Fruit, wax, vanilla, all that. Delish. From a refill sherry butt.

1996 Clynelish 16 Year Old K&L Exclusive A.D. Rattray Single Barrel Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky $99.99 - When we go on the hunt for top quality single barrels at K&L, we do our best to provide variety as well. We try not to double up on too many names and we're always looking for whisky that's a bit different than last time around. That being said, we're now introducing our third barrel of privately-bottled Clynelish in less than four years because we just can't say no to this delicious single malt no matter how many times we've bottled it in the past. Unlike the two previous casks, however, this version of 16 year old Clynelish from a refill-sherry butt is the most classic of the three. Our 27 year barrel offered maturity, the 20 year old brought rich and heavy sherry flavor, but this 16 year barrel tops them all. It does everything the distillery is renowned for and it does it extremely well. Lemony citrus, candle wax, oily fruits, and rich vanilla round out this lightly supple spirit. The wax is what makes Clynelish so famous and has made the whisky an insider favorite (many distillers from rival companies will secretly confide that Clynelish is the best single malt in the business). We loved the two previous barrels because they were very un-Clynelish. We love this cask because it's vintage Clynelish. For $100, this is as good as whisky gets. At full proof, this malt needs a bit of water, so add a few drops when you pour it. Then sit back, nurse your dram, and enjoy the complexity of one of Scotland's finest single malt whiskies.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll