Just a quick note for today. Ardbeg did a private committee tasting of Ardbog today via the internet with Mickey Heads. I was lucky enough to get a sample.

Two words: it's delicious.

They're calling it the "most delicious Ardbeg private committee release ever." I know once this media blitz starts you'll all say to yourself, "yeah, right."

I can vouch, however. The manzanilla sherry influence on this whisky is absolutely delicious. Butterscotch and creme brulee. Lots of peat. 52% so you can drink it straight, but a drop of water is helpful.

Still no word on pricing, but it's coming June 1st. This whisky destroys the Galileo, Ardbeg Day, or Alligator releases. The best Ardbeg I've tasted since my last drop of 1990 Beist.

Stay tuned!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll