SoCal Legend Needs Your Help

Since David OG is in Italy, I'm taking care of Los Angeles area news today. This just came in from my friend Chris at JVS and I said I would pass it along:

Martin O. Kari needs our help!  And you’ll have to drink for it!
Some of you know Marty.  Most of you don’t.  To put him in perspective, imagine my whisky knowledge and experience… his left pinky toe has more.  He has been lately dubbed the godfather of whisky, and given the gifts of drams he has bestowed upon many of us, that moniker is appropriate.  Marty knows whisky.  The whisky industry knows Marty.  When Wikipedia doesn’t have the answer for a whisky question, it says “for further reference, see Martin Kari.”  He’s even nicer than I am.  The only whisky category I excel over him in is pumping blood while drinking. 
Anyhow, Marty made the mistake of having a heart attack between insurance, and thanks to an economy that’s not ready to bring his AV business back to life, the bills aren’t very welcoming.  To top it off this happened at his favorite drinking event in Vegas (not Nth) and had he not been clairvoyant enough (RIP Admiral Motti) to have befriended a whisky drinking doctor, we may not have had a Marty left at all.
Enough of this!  We are going to have a benefit.  With Scotch, dammit.  May 12th downtown, and May 13th in Santa Monica.  Two different events with different donated bottles .  ALL PROFITS go to Marty.  This is a joint project with SCWS, LASC, LAWS and many donor persons and whisky shops without cool acronyms, but Chris Uhde of SCWS is the coordinator and handler of RSVPs. Email him at to reserve a spot.  Although we are only doing cash at the door, please understand that reserving and then no-showing without a prior cancellation hurts the cause because each event is LIMITED TO 40 persons.  Attending will make you a Whisky Mensch!
BTW, this isn’t a complete sacrifice, because these are great whiskies and you will get a solid pour of each.  Here are the details:
Marty’s Heart-y Party 1
7pm Sunday May 12th
Far Bar - 347 E 1st St  Los Angeles, CA 90012
Sunday at Far bar we will be trying some older hard to get expressions of single malt scotch whisky.  A burger or veggie burger will be included with the event
1. Miltonduff 1989 22yr Cheiftain’s 55.1% abv
2. Glenfarclas  1996 15yr  Traverso’s Bottling 46% abv
3. Highland Park Bicentenary 1977 American Release 43%
4. Highland Park 25yr 50.7% abv early 2000’s
5. Bowmore 28yr 1984 D&M Aficionados Club 50%
6. Bowmore 1989 16yr 51.8%
7. Laphroaig 1995 16yr Signatory 59.5% abv
Marty’s Heart-y Party 2
7pm Monday May 13th
Daily Pint Santa Monica
2310 Pico Blvd  Santa Monica, CA 90405
We will meet at the Daily Pint in Santa Monica to try some expressions that have been lost to history.  Now is your chance to cross some distilleries off of your bucket list that have kicked the bucket.
1. Dallas Dhu 12yr Gordon Macphail 40% (Distillery Closed in 1983)
2. Rosebank 10yr 1992 Murray McDavid 46% (Distillery Closed in 1993)
3. Glenlochy 1980 24yr Duncan Taylor 61.2% abv (Distillery closed in 1983)
4. Glen Mhor 1978 botled in 2004 56% abv Scotts Selection (closed in 1983, Demolished in 1986)
5. Imperial 17yr 1995 Duncan Taylor 53.2% (closed in 1998, Demolished 2013)
6. Compass Box Spice Tree first edition (the use of additional wood in the barrel was made illegal for scotch because of this release)
7. The Classic Cask 35yr 1964 bottled in 1999 blend – This blend is no longer available and that is close enough for me
Please email to reserve a seat!
-David Driscoll
David Driscoll