LVMH Giving You Some Love

Did I say that big brands were money-hungry vampires sucking the soul out of the whisky industry? Sorry, I forgot about Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy. I love LVMH. They're always there when we need them. They love making a deal.

Every time one big brand decides to take another price hike on their signature expression, the boys at the Glenmorangie Company are there to exploit that opportunity into their gain. That's what a good company should do: use the missteps of their competitors to create new customers for themselves. I do that every day at K&L. I will spend all day with a customer, explaining every detail of every bottle if that's what they want to do. For every snobby retailer that thinks the newbie customer is beneath them, I will be there to offer a full explanation and answer every question, patiently and willingly.

In the wake of another giant price increase for Macallan 18 year old, the boys at Glenmorangie have been able to offer some serious cushion on their own 18 year (easily the better whisky, anyway). In my opinion, the Glenmorangie 18 year old whisky is one of the greatest values in all of whiskydom. It's supple, soft, textural, exotic, and satisfying to both the beginner and expert alike. It's such a fantastic single malt.

We had this for $89.99 as of yesterday and we couldn't sell enough of it. I could keep this at $89.99 and continue to sell tons of it. But I like to shake things up a bit every now and again. In favor of the consumer, of course. In the wake of this recent Macallan price increase, I'm going to use this opportunity to create some new Glenmorangie superfans. Starting right now the price of the 18 year will be seven dollars less per bottle.

What can you as a dissatisfied whisky fan do to stop price gouging by whisky companies? Stop buying their stuff. Start supporting brands that will support you in return.

What can K&L do as a retailer? We can work harder to lower the price of good whisky on your behalf. We will support you if you help support us.

Glenmorangie 18 Year Old Single Malt Whisky $82.99. Better than Mac 18, in my opinion. $100 less per bottle. K&L is now the lowest price in the country on Wine Searcher.

I'm going to keep doing my part. So is LVMH. Vote with your dollars, people. Money talks.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll