Peatin' Meetin' is a Comin'

We here at K&L are all about supporting the the local whisky lovin' community. With so few opportunities to familiarize yourself with the vast world of whisky, I always like to make a point of providing our readers with information regarding special events that they might enjoy, even if K&L is not a sponsor. Soon begins without question one of the year's most fun, interesting and informative events available to SoCal whisky lovers. My dear friends at the LA Scotch Club work tirelessly to provide everyone willing to huff it out to UCLA and pony up $100 an unforgettable experience. So here's the deal.

LA’s peated whisky festival, Peatin' Meetin', is coming to UCLA campus this Saturday, June 29th. Many of you are familiar with Islay’s famous smoky, earthy flavored malt and if that reek makes you weak this is the party for you. This huge annual gathering, presented by the LA Scotch Club, celebrates peated whisky from around the world and even serves up peat smoked BBQ for all the lovers of that smoldering smell. Peatin’ Meetin’ is not a traditional whisky tasting, but instead an entertaining celebration. It does not occur in a stuffy exhibition hall, but outside on the UCLA picnic grounds. Live Celtic rock bands will perform as grass-fed NY strip is smoked over authentic peat fires. Even the peated cocktails from Seven Grand's mixologists are included with admission.

But Peatin’ Meetin’ is really about tasting a lot of great whisky. Over 50 unique bottles, many old favorites, many were not released in the United States, and even some American craft distilleries will be there to show off their peaty prowess.

In addition, both Single Cask Nation and Whisky Magazine will offer special discounts exclusively for attendees of Peatin’ Meetin’. Ireland Earth will showcase their new imported peat briquettes, which you can start using for all your fumy fuel needs. Over four hours of whisky tasting, dinner, and all of the extras for only $100.  If you're attending but not tasting whisky you can get in for $40. And the whole thing can be accessed through your smart phone on The Peetin' Meetin' App!!! Crazy...

Please make sure that if you attend you've got someone to drive you or you have your UBER account set up. It's extremely important that everyone who attends is 100% safe at all times.

While you're at it, be sure to sign this petition to keep UBER, Lyft and other new wave car services running in the LA Area. It is an important issue for all the sporting classes to have access to safe affordable transportation.


• Unlimited peated whisky

• Peat-smoked NY Strip (grass fed)

• Live music by Celtic rock bands - the Brick Top Blaggers and Green Ashes

• An engraved “Perfect Dram” whisky glass

• Peated cocktails by the mixologists from downtown LA’s Seven Grand

• Meet the Peat Monster

• Smartphone app for event and bottle information, personal notes, and grading

• Sponsor discounts from the likes of Whisky Magazine, Single Cask Nation, and Ireland Earth

Tickets may be purchased at

-David Othenin-Girard

David Othenin-Girard