I've Been Everywhere, Man

I was listening to Johnny Cash this morning, enjoying a rare moment at home without anything in particular I needed to do. When I've Been Everywhere hit the speakers in my living room it inspired me to start looking at pictures from previous K&L expeditions. There are so many. I was looking at photos from 2011 and I don't even remember taking half of them! "Where the heck are we there?" I asked myself out loud.

Time flies. David OG and I really have been to so many places together (cue cheesy heartfelt ballad).

After making so many mistakes this week, both on the blog and with little details at work, I've decided to slow down a bit and focus more on quality – both with my writing and with my photography. I know how to do both, but I'm often so consumed with prolificity that I forget about proficiency. At times I might be coming across more amateurish than I actually want to. So rather than write anything today I thought about posting some of the photos from the past few years that I think convey a mood or feeling about the places we've been, rather than provide details about the actual products or people.

Here are a few from the archive:

Chateau Baraillon, 2013

Glenmorangie House, 2013

Outside Tequila, 2008

Waking up at Camut, Normandy, 2012

K&L Napa trip, 2011

Campbeltown, 2011

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll