Don't Buy a Bottle of this.....

....unless you have the will-power of a Buckingham Palace guard. I decided to buy a bottle of the new L'Age de Glace yesterday and pour it on the rocks at home, as Pellehaut intends the brandy to be drunk. I'd tasted it briefly on ice at the Chateau this past Spring, but I hadn't spent any real time getting to know it. Unfortunately for me (and my head) I was not able to put this bottle down. The fruit and flavor of the Armagnac simply explode when this booze hits the ice. It's so rich, yet refreshingly delicious in a way that whisky isn't. It's almost like having a glass of Bourbon on the rocks, but yet not really like it all, which made it exciting. I was so overcome with happiness while drinking it that I just kept on drinking it. As long as there was ice in my glass, I kept pouring more in.

And now I'm here at my desk, typing away. Writing about how much I love this brandy, yet wishing I hadn't drunk so much of it.

This is not a sipping Armagnac. This is a guzzler. You will be guzzling if you buy a bottle. Consider yourself warned.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll