Special K&L/Campeon Dinner with Lou Palatella

Do you see the above setting? This is a picture I took of Lou Palatella sitting at lunch with the employees of El Viejito distillery after we made a deal to create our own blanco tequila exclusively for K&L. This is how we ate all our meals in Guadalajara: a big family-style table, lots of bottles of tequila on the table which were passed around like wine, and a variety of sodas and mixers to make drinks. It was awesome.

Lou and I were so caught up in the idea of tequila bottle service at dinner that we decided we needed to throw our own dinner party as soon as the K&L tequila was ready. Now that it's in stock and ready to go, it's time to have that special dinner. On September 4th in San Mateo, you'll have the chance to come drink our new K&L Exclusive Campeon Blanco tequila as it was meant to be drunk: with a gigantic table full of delicious, authentic Mexican cuisine. You'll sit at a big table and listen to former San Francisco 49er Lou Palatella tell you crazy stories about the gridiron, the liquor business, and life in general. Trust me - this is one party you'll not want to miss. Three courses of food, all the blanco tequila you can drink, and a good time out. Sixty bucks. Hot deal. Only 40 seats available.

El Sinaloense is located on Palm Ave in San Mateo right near the Hayward Park Caltrain stop which is very convenient when you've been drinking all night with a football legend.

Campeon Tequila Dinner @ El Sinaloense, Wednesday Sept 4th 7:30 PM $60 - When Lou Palatella and I went down to Guadalajara to visit the El Viejito distillery and produce our new collaborative blanco tequila, we had dinner with all of the distillery's staff one night after working out the deal. In downtown Guadalajara City we sat at a large dinner table, ordered family style dishes of meat and seafood, while passing bottles of tequila around the table almost like one would a bottle of wine. Also on the table were various mixers (Coke, Squirt, tonic water) and buckets of ice to assist in the process. Both Lou and I, notorious wine drinkers, immediately fell in love with the practice. Why couldn't a bottle of tequila function like a bottle of wine? We're ready to try that idea out here in the Bay Area now, which is why we're inviting you to come celebrate the release of the new K&L Exclusive Campeon Blanco Tequila by joining us for a three-course family style dinner at San Mateo's El Sinaloense. Mario's amazing staff will be serving appetizers of ceviche with assorted nacho plates, a choice of steak, fish, or assorted grilled seafood for dinner, and a full dessert plate with various pastries and sweets. On each table will be multiple bottles of the new K&L Campeon Blanco which can be poured and mixed to your liking. Best of all, the man himself, former San Francisco 49er and Campeon owner Lou Palatella will be in the building to help us celebrate and, believe me, no one can party like this 80 year old superstar. Come join us!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll