Photo of the Day

Shadows of the trees on the chai at Chateau Ravignan, one of our Bas-Armagnac producers.

I'm very sensitive to weather and lighting when it comes to my mood. My fondest memories usually have to do more with the seasons than any particular event – walking home from school in November, playing outside in the Summer, etc. When I think of early Spring now, the transition out of Winter and into a softer light, I often think of Gascony now – the way the trees looked and the color of the sky.

Memories like that are often linked to booze as well. Thinking about early Spring makes me think of Gascony, which makes me want to drink Armagnac. Nostalgia plays a big role in why I like what I like. I know many people who can't stand the taste of grappa, yet I associate it with my parents staying up late in the Summer time after dinner. Today when I drink it I get a warm sensation – both in my stomach and in my heart.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll