Tapatio 110 Está Aqui

Tonight I'll be getting out of work early, driving back to my house, meeting up with my in-laws and co-workers, breaking out the brand new Tapatio 110 proof tequila (distilled masterfully by Carlos Camarena -- see our conversation from last week's blog post), and tuning in to watch Canelo Alvarez knock out Floyd Mayweather for the first time in his life. Canelo is from Jalisco, the home of tequila, so what drink could be more fitting? I've got grapefruit Jarritos and salt to make Palomas and plenty of snacks. The higher proof of the Tapatio is just what we'll need to make sure the vibrant tequila flavor doesn't get drowned out in a sea of sweet soda. I'm really excited to try it in a cocktail.

If you've never seen what I look like before, Canelo Alvarez could be my brother – hence why all the boxing fans at K&L call me "Canelo." Therefore, I share a certain kinship with the undefeated Mexican champion. When I was younger, and still did have red hair, I really looked like Canelo. It's almost scary. 

We've got a big night ahead! Tapatio 110 and the biggest fight of the year! Víva Canelo! Víva Tapatio! Viva Jalisco!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll