Finish It

Last night my wife and I said "goodbye" to an old friend. As did millions of other viewers who tuned in for the Breaking Bad finale. My wife was literally balling, as the Kleenex piled up on the coffee table. I, on the other hand, as a whisky drinker am used to saying "goodbye" on a regular basis. Many of the bottles I drink cannot be replaced. They were one-offs, originals, or special rarities that were finite. Once that last sip is gone the experience is over.

Walter White's journey was like the best whisky adventure one can hope for: exciting, complex, unpredictable, and satisfying all the way to the finish. What an amazing finish, by the way. I'll be thinking about this finish for the rest of my life.

Good things are meant to end. They can't last forever. Have no fear. Enjoy it while it lasts. Put your phone down, stop Tweeting or texting, and savor it. And then let it go.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll