Early St. Paddy's Day

Get ready for an Irish celebration in February rather than March this year. I got a chance to taste two of Midleton's most coveted whiskies yesterday that will make their American debuts in just a few short weeks: the single pot still Green Spot distillate, and the ultra-mature Redbreast 21 year old. Given my tendencies for Irish whiskey I was all set to love the Green Spot and tolerate the Redbreast 21. However, the outcome couldn't have been more the opposite. I thought the Redbreast 21 was fantastic--definitely showing its age with extra richness and a lovely marzipan note. It tastes like you think older Irish whiskey should taste; at least it did to me. I've never been a huge fan of the Redbreast line, but this one really hit a sweet spot.

The Green Spot is exactly what you expect from Midleton. It's good, honest, well-made Irish whiskey. I don't get the cult following, but that's just my palate, I guess. Not everyone gets the whole Lot 40 Canadian thing either, so different strokes for different folks. It's definitely worth getting a bottle of Green Spot if you like Irish whiskey, but it didn't change my life or make me jump up and down (which has been known to happen after I taste something I like). Both Kyle and I thought it was simple and tasty.

Look for both of these around mid-February at K&L.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll