New Benriach Whiskies

It’s no secret that Glendronach is becoming one of the most respected single malts on the market, with more and more consumers becoming aware of its fantastic quality. What many people have seemed to miss, however, is that the other distillery owned by Glendronach (that would be Benriach) is releasing whisky every bit as good as Glendronach, if not better much of the time. While I love me some sherry, there’s not a distillery in Scotland that can compete with Benriach when it comes to value, flavor, and diversity combined. You can get light, heathery whisky. Dark, rich, sherry-laden whisky. Oily, smoky, Islay style whisky, too. And they’re all fantastic.

Check out what just landed…..

BenRiach 12 Year Old Horizons Triple Distilled Single Malt Whisky $79.99 - This lovely, round and supple, triple-distilled malt from Benriach is rich with barrel spice and vanilla, but soft with stonefruit on the finish before the sherry kicks in.  It's a lovely new addition to their already stellar line-up. Finished in Oloroso butts, it has a chewier, more savory ending that more resembles its sister distillery Glendronach, than what we're used to tasting from Benriach. A fantastic whisky with nice little a bump up to 100 proof.

BenRiach 17 Year Old Septendecim Single Malt Whisky $84.99 - Straight-forward peated whisky from a Bourbon cask, this is a lighter, classic Highland-style whisky with a healthy dollup of peat on the back end. An oily, resinous note marks the finish. It's well-balanced and tasty from front to back and really adds to the Benriach portolio, which is becoming one of the strongest and most-impressive in the industry.

BenRiach 17 Year Old Solstice 2nd Edition Single Malt Whisky $99.99 - This peated, port-finished malt from Benriach is an absolute home run. It's got rich, dark-fruited flavor and blast of campfire smoke on the finish. It's a straight-up challenge to Lagavulin 16 in style, with both the richness and the peat--and it's better executed. Really good stuff. This is what I wished the Laphroaig Cairdeas would have tasted like!

Oh…and if you missed out on the Cairdeas, David OG just got another 60 bottles in Hollywood

BenRiach 25 Year Old Authenticus Single Malt Whisky $279.99 - The Authenticus is a mature, peated malt from Benriach that offers more wood than the 17 year expression and a softer touch of peat. It's serious whisky and really calls into question some of the higher priced competitors who are offering similar styles of whisky for much higher prices. Benriach really dialed it in with this whisky.

We also have a peated cask on the way just for K&L. Good times ahead.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll