The Devil Drinks Whisky, Too

I was actually at the Prada store in Livermore yesterday while shopping for winter clothes. Because it was the factory outlet and not one of the fancier flagship stores, this incredible men's leather travel bag was only $1750, rather than $3200. Even still, I was honestly tempted. Laugh if you want, but fashion and booze go hand in hand. You think you'll never spend big money on them until you start to understand what makes them work, then all of a sudden you're spending insane amounts on big name products. Think I'm kidding? Think you're too smart to be swayed by advertisements, reviews, or Parker points? That's what young intern Anne Hathaway thinks too, until Meryl Streepplaying her best Anna Wintourreads her like last year's trashy beach novel. This happened to be on TV last night, so I sat through it again. A really good movie, especially if you care about your clothes.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll