Anchoring Down

Last night we had to let loose. With the holidays coming soon and the chaos ratcheting itself up a notch, we needed to get together as a company and just blow off some steam. Some Anchor Steam? Yes, we needed Anchor Steam, too. So that's where we went: good Old Potrero.

Anchor has completely renovated the top floor of the brewery into a bar with a balcony over looking downtown San Francisco. Yesterday was the first real Fall day we've had where grey clouds and cold winds finally overtook the warm Indian summer, so we took advantage of the scene. Where's my beer? Oh, over there by that breathtaking view.

Pizza, tacos, beer, and pretty much every bottle in the vast Anchor portfolio open to sample. Every Glendronach, every Benriach, every Nikka, every Glenrothes, fifty different rums, all the Anchor stuff (obviously), crazy Westland whiskies, and more Luxardo expressions than you even knew they made. Some of our staff members were overwhelmed by the opportunity.

Many thanks to Anchor for making this happen. This was just what we needed. I'm ready to get back to work today. I know which products are fresh on my mind now!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll