Three New Wild Turkey Barrels

The madness continues! I told you Fall was going to be nuts—multiple blog posts per day, tons of new hooch, bottles selling in minutes, pure mayhem! How in the hell is one person supposed to afford (let alone drink) all this new stuff?!! I don't have the answer to that question. I'm just here right now to tell you about more bottles that you absolutely, positively must have. I'm up for a breath of air with this blog post, and then I'm back down to the sales floor again where shopping carts full of new arrivals need to be stickered and stocked. Here we go:

Round two of our single barrel Bourbons from last September's visit to Wild Turkey distillery have finally arrived! If you don't recall all the buzz, we were full of excitement following an intimate barrel tasting with both Jimmy and Eddy Russell. We hadn't planned on taking any single barrels from Wild Turkey, yet we left Kentucky with more WT whiskey than Bourbon from all the other distilleries combined! The profiles of the Russell's Reserve selections are much more mellow than some of their Kentucky brethren. Think candy corn rather than spicy oak, and rich vanilla rather than peppery rye. At 55% they're brimming with gusto, but never do they overpower the palate.

Russell's Reserve K&L Exclusive Single Barrel #15 Kentucky Bourbon $59.99 - Barrel #15 is the softest of the three new releases, gliding down the palate like a liquid beam of butterscotch, and flurrying on the finish with notes of cinnamon and clove spices. It's a dangerous Bourbon that deceptively disguises its 110 proof profile with soft and supple sweetness. A fantastic gateway bottle to the Wild Turkey style and a whiskey you'll think about all day long, sitting in the office, waiting to get home and pour another glass.

Russell's Reserve K&L Exclusive Single Barrel #17 Kentucky Bourbon $59.99 - Barrel #17 is the superstar choice for me, although both 15 and 18 have their own merit. I can't promise that everyone will be as enamored as I am. That kiss of candied sweetness, balanced beautifully by a second wave of spice and vivaciousness is just pure heaven. The woodier notes come towards the back, but quit just before they turn bitter or overpowering. They took this baby out of the barrel at JUST the right moment. Any longer, and it's too much. Any less time, and we're not getting the same level of richness. One bad-ass bottle.

Russell's Reserve K&L Exclusive Single Barrel #18 Kentucky Bourbon $59.99 -Barrel #18 is also the most powerful of the three, so those in search of big, bold flavor should go with this bottle. You still get the sweet caramel corn notes that scream Wild Turkey, but there's definitely more of a rye note on the finish. A great contrast to the other two casks, but only for those who like intensity. It's more in the Willett style and that's definitely a good thing.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll