Fuenteseca 2014 Edition

Here it is. The sequel to Fuenteseca part one:

Fuenteseca Reserva "2014 Edition" K&L Exclusive Extra Añejo Tequila $99.99 -While our last batch of Fuenteseca K&L Extra Añejo Tequila was a huge hit, instantly becoming the most successful agave spirit in the history of our store, there were two factors that made some Tequila lovers hesitant to pull the trigger: the price and the richness. It was an anomaly in that it was so rich and beyond anything we were familiar with, it almost resembled a whiskey more than a Tequila. The next time around we not only wanted to craft something entirely different, we also wanted to showcase both value and how much Enrique's mid-range spirits retained their pure Tequila flavor. This past Spring we met with Enrique at his gigantic hacienda in Atotonlico, Jalisco to work on a sequel. Once again, working with the rich and butterscotch profile of his stupendous four year old Tequilas, we wanted to accent that flavor with spice and intensity. Using 60% four year 20% seven year, and 20% eight year old Tequilas we managed to build an extra añejo that offered all the complexity of extra maturation with all of the pepper and panache of true, unadulterated, rustic Tequila flavor. This 2014 edition of Fuenteseca is an explosion of intensity. It begins with a blast of black pepper, lime, salt, and clean agave flavor (like chewing on the sweet, cooked fibers) and quickly moves into a flurry of clove and cinnamon. The finish, however, is where the magic happens: holiday spice cake, cocoa, and cinnamon warm the minute-long finale. It's the best of youth and age in one Tequila.

It's all the vivacious, expressive, and endearing flavors of blanco tequila on the entry, with the warming, mellow, complexity of age on the finish. It's entirely different than the first Fuenteseca, yet it's no less exciting. This time around, however, it's half the price. Whereas the goal last time around was to make a ultra-mature tequila for whisky drinkers, the goal this time was to make an ultra-mature tequila for tequila drinkers.

I really hope you all enjoy this. I'm very proud of our effort.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll