If anyone finds my exhausted, dehydrated body in the alley between K&L and the warehouse, flailed on the ground in a desperate attempt to bring one more box of booze into the store, please let my family know that I tried my best. I didn't want to collapse from exhaustion and fatigue; I really wanted to make it all the way to the 25th and say I survived the most difficult and busiest three weeks in the history of K&L. I hope I'm around on the 26th to put my feet up, have a glass of whisky, and ring in a toast to the new year.

But, FYI: if I don't make it, tell my wife and friends that I love them.

We're getting absolutely destroyed right now. I walked into the store this morning and there was literally nothing left. For a split second I thought we had been robbed, but that wasn't the case. We had actually sold that much booze on Monday while I was gone. It took me three hours just to make the store look decent, and it will take me another four to get it back to where it was on Saturday. That's just the store. Then there's the warehouse back stock that looks like a hurricane hit it.

How many more days until Christmas? Nine?

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll