Back to Basics: Holiday Drinking

You can bet your ass I watched this little delight over the weekend. Drinking and watching holiday movies is one of my favorite things about December. I can check the guide on the Hallmark Channel, scope out the titles with the best descriptions, and let the DVR capture hours of priceless Christmas cheer. Then I go to my overstocked bar cabinet, start digging towards the back, and begin pulling out the long-forgotten bottles of Creme de Cacao, Banane du Bresil, and other sticky liqueurs that have been languishing during the warm summer months. On Sunday night I ordered a pizza, started making holiday cocktails, and turned on the TV to watch Candice Cameron-Bure (remember she married Russian hockey star Valeri Bure) do her thing.

While her former heart-throb of a brother has gone off the deep end, Candice Cameron has found her mark. Her 2013 Hallmark Channel special Let it Snow was fantastic; pairing her delightfully perky personality alongside another legendary TV dad, Alan Thicke, as the two of them plot to revamp a homey old ski resort known for its dedication to Christmas. I don't want to ruin it for you, but let's just say it doesn't take too long before the warmth of the holiday season begins to melt the ice around Candice's cold corporate heart. I didn't think any Hallmark follow-up could top Let it Snow, but they brought Candice back again this year for an even better flick called Christmas Under Wraps. This year's story is quite similar to last season's romp, but is better in just about every way. Again, I don't want to ruin it for you, but imagine the Gilmore Girls meets Northern Exposure meets Full House. Are you drooling yet?

Now that December is here and the holiday season is upon us, don't forget to enjoy the great pleasures only available to us at this time of year. Sweet cocktails with heavy cream! Whisky paired with cookies and cake! And Hallmark Channel holiday films paired with 1980s sitcom stars that warm the heart and ease the soul!

I've already watched Christmas Under Wraps twice. It will be on my DVR until at least January 1st. I'm dead serious. You can enjoy these movies ironically, too (obviously), but I'm not at all joking about my love for these overly-cheesy rom-coms. Remember, my two favorite movies of all time are Roadhouse and Ski School.

23 more days to go!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll