No Limit

Liquor is like a symphony, or like a classical song, or something. You don’t use it as a downer; you use it to leap up into the sky when you’re in pain.

-Charles Bukowski

When I think of the words "No Limit", I immediately think of Master P. I picture the No Limit soldiers jumping up and down, dunking basketballs, riding in gold-plated tanks, and showing that bling. It gets me excited to think about no limits, and I love it when I can provide great products at great prices in large quantities. It makes me want to drink whiskey and get crazy! Today, I give you my final Christmas present: as much wheated cask strength Maker's Mark as you want! No raffles, no trivia, no one bottle limit. I pulled some strings, backed up the truck, and made some shit happen (because that's what I do). So we've got 1,000+ bottles of some of the most exciting Bourbon in the land and you've got a license to buy as much as you want.

Make 'em say uhhhhhhhhhhh! Na, na, na, na!

You wanna buy 50 cases? Go for it. It's a red wax-coated Maker's Mark Christmas frenzy. No limits. These will be placed as special orders and we will fulfill all purchases AFTER the holiday. We have all the booze, but we're a little backed up at the moment, as you can guess.

Maker's Mark Cask Strength Bourbon 375ml (half bottles) $39.99- Kentucky's most popular wheated Bourbon that isn't called "Pappy", Maker's Mark has long been famous for using winter wheat as the flavor grain (along with the majority of corn) instead of the ubiquitous rye. The only thing that ever kept Maker's Mark from capturing the hearts of serious Bourbon aficionados everywhere was the low proof. In 2014, however, they released a tiny amount of cask strength whisky (in tiny bottles) to Kentucky residents and people went bananas. Seeing that landing a bottle of Pappy today is like winning the lottery, the Maker's Mark Cask Strength is easily the next best thing (and, depending on who you talk to, it might even be better!). Big richness, bold spice, and that classic, creamy wheated profile combine into one epic ride. We've been forced to limit customers to one bottle only, and most people were lucky just to get that. But somehow, someway, we've managed to grab a truckload of this stuff and offer it to every K&L customer with no limits or restrictions on quantity. This is the best holiday present we could have asked for: a giant allocation of highly-allocated, highly-desired Bourbon at the time of year when folks are searching for something special. Load up while they're here because we don't expect a shipment of this magnitude again.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll