A Big Month Ahead

Just thinking about all the stuff I have to get done this month has been giving me a mild panic attack lately. This is going to be a gigantic few weeks for the spirits department at K&L.

What's going on in February, you ask? What do you need to prepare for? Let me help you ready your calendar for what's coming:

- Two new K&L casks of Buffalo Trace (barrels #43 and #45)

- Two new K&L casks of Kilchoman peated single malt

- Three casks of distillery-direct Bladnoch (a young, super-peated expression, a 12 year, and a 21 year)

- All six of the Faultline pre-arrivals, as well as the three Douglas Laing Islay releases (now sold out)

- Two inexpensive surprises: a new Faultline blended whisky and a young 58% Talisker cask

- A very special Redwood City in-store tasting of Glenmorangie Companta with Dr. Bill Lumsden on Thursday, February 20th at 5 PM

- A trip to Guyana on February 16th to source rum directly from Demerara Distillers and their three ancient stills (with live blogging all week from the distillery)

- A new 16 year distillery-direct cask from Arran

- A super-tasty 8 year old Glenrothes single cask from Douglas Laing

It doesn't get any easier in March either. That's when the first casks of Russell's Reserve from the Kentucky trip arrive, along with our cask of distillery-direct Glen Garioch. We'll also be releasing the casks we found at Heaven Hill, right before we take off for Scotland and France and continue the live blog from the European continent. This brief summary, of course, excludes any possible new releases from other distilleries that I've either forgotten or haven't yet been informed about.

I hope we don't overload you. It's going to be a fun time for our customers.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll